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X Factor 2012 – The Groups


Girl group Little Mix won last year's competition. Cian Carroll explains why he feels The Groups category in the X Factor 2012 will not produce a winner this year.

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Unfortunately, I think Louis has been given the shaft, so to speak, with the groups this year. For my money, it’s the weakest of the four categories. That’s not necessarily a damning opinion of the talent of the six groups on offer here; it’s merely a reflection of the overall talent of the show as a whole.

There are some genuinely talented performers here though and the one thing this category has over the other three is there is a much larger scope for diversity rather than with just one individual, you know?

And no one exudes that diversity more than beat-boxing, harmonising three-piece, Duke. While I have seen it done live before, there is no doubting the fact that a competition like The X-Factor has never been introduced to such an evolutionary type of signing before. Beat-boxing really is an original product of the 21st century; it just depends on how the audience takes to unorthodox type of singing and I think that’s reflected in their odds of 80/1.

2012’s One Direction comes in the form of GMD3 and I must say, I was impressed by the young pups. They sang beautifully, in time and in tune and most importantly, looked the part in terms of having wet signs erected around girl’s schools across the country when they perform.

If you did have your heart set on backing a group, in my opinion, you shouldn’t look much further than these boys. At 14/1, out of the groups, GMD3 have the most realistic shot of winning.

To be quite honest, I’m gutted Rough Copy have left as put simply, they were spectacular entertainment; natural born performers in terms of singing, style and general banter. I genuinely believe they would have been one of the main contenders for this year’s crown.

I do have my reservations about the other groups in that because Rough Copy have now dearly departed, they’ve been replaced with two other bands who previously didn’t make it, in newly formed Union J and Times Red; and I really can’t see how they’re going to improve on the quality that’s already there.

MK1 are quite talented and do bring an edge to this category in terms of their singing/rap duo and they could do well but I’ve found that over the years, for whatever reason, mixed groups don’t seem to garner a lot of audience support and again, I think that’s reflected in their odds of 50/1.

So yeah, overall, I think Louis has really got the brown end of the stick here, folks and that’s exactly why his category is the massive outside at 7/1. Keep your money in your wallet where this is concerned otherwise you may as well just roll it up and smoke it.

Judges Houses:
Louis had Sharon Osborne with him in Las Vegas to help him make a decision on what groups to put through. He finally decided on his final three acts to bring to the lives hows; GMD3, MK1 and Union J. He has chosen Times Red for the wildcard vote.


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